Computer Service Defragmenting Your Computer

One way to improve the performance of your computer is to conduct regular computer service. For example, defragmenting its hard drive. Defragmenting is used for placing computer files back where they are supposed to be and setting them out neatly, with no unnecessary spaces in between. With all files in good order and well organised, your computer will run much smoother and more efficiently.

To defragment your files you do not need a computer repairs geek. The task is very simple and it is quite possible that you have already performed it once or twice in your life and just cannot remember it. The only glitch you could possibly have with this task is you running out of time. If you have never done defragmenting and you have a lot of information on your computer, this process could take a while…a long while. So, please do not start it when you are working to an inflexible deadline. Make sure you have a lot of time and that you are able to stay away from the computer while it is running the program.

To do a Defragment you can either click on your computer’s help file (Select the Start button on the bottom left of your screen, then Help), or click on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Defragment – for most computers).

Happy defragmenting!

If you think something is going wrong, would like more help or are not happy with the sped of your machine even after the defragment, please do not hesitate to contact the computer service specialists at Mobile Geeks! We would be happy to hep you.

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