Computer repairs and the big question from a 15 year old boy

Mobile Geeks repeatedly receive inquiries like the one below. So, I thought I would put the answer down in writing. We are also considering including this in our terms and conditions and computer repairs FAQs.

About two weeks ago, I broke my computer. I have some p.rn downloaded, and p.rn in my browsing history on the internet. A fake antivirus installed onto my computer, and soon after that I got blocked from the Internet. The computer just refused to launch it and I could not do anything like ‘clear history’. I tried to delete everything off of my computer, and I somehow ended up completely stuffing it up… I do not even know what I did! I mean, the computer still starts, but it does not go past the start up screen. I have even tried to start it in Safe Mode. No luck. Nada! I am only 15, so I had to make up a story for my mom to get her to call Mobile Geeks I know it will be your company and I am just scared that the person fixing my computer will find my downloads and tell my mom. Can someone from Mobile Geeks please call me. Please.”

Just to put you all at ease, the young man’s computer has now been successfully repaired. To tell you the truth, even we do not know what he did to it to cause so much damage, but all is well that ends well.

No, we did not tell his parents about his secret. In fact, Mobile Geeks computer repairs geeks do not generally go through anyone’s downloads or internet history. This is done only if it becomes necessary for diagnosing a computer problem.

No, we will never ever ever, tell on you. What you do on your computer is completely your prerogative and is absolutely none of our business. Our only job is to make sure your machine is in good order. In addition, Mobile Geeks’ Terms and Conditions include a confidentiality agreement that protects our clients and their intellectual property and all out Geeks are trained in what they can and cannot do.

Over and out (in complete confidence)

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