Computer repairs fraud and how to protect yourself

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We may not like to think of it, but computer repairs fraud is on the rise in our technology driven society. When your computer stops working or if you feel that it may be having a major meltdown, you contact a computer repair guy or (like some people I know) a convenient relative that has computer service and repair expertise. There are a lot of computer repair companies in Sydney (just look at Google results). They sprung up in the recent past to meet the overwhelming demand for computer services, but only a few of them are truly competent. To stay safe, protect your data and save your money, please keep in mind this advice to avoid falling victim to computer repair fraud.

  • First, be sure to shop around for a reputable computer repair shop. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  • Check with friends and neighbours and local businesses for recommendations of the repair shops or companies they use.
  • Check the names of reputed computer repair firms in your search engine and check for the reviews and feedback.
  • Once you have decided on the computer service company you wish to use, you will need to find out what they charge just for checking your computer out. Before doing this, look on the internet for the repair rates for different computer problems. Find out if the company you have decided on can do pick-up and delivery and whether they charge a fee for that service.
  • While it is fair that you want to save your money, please also understand that computer repair does not generally come cheap. It is an intricate and complex business and requires years of expertise and training to succeed in. In some cases,  the repairs are more expensive than buying a new computer. Make sure that the company you use keeps you informed and in control of your choices.
  • You may want to ask the computer repairs firm to install a remote assistance software on your machine. Once the software is installed, your geek will be able to assess and possibly repair your computer remotely, saving you time and money.
  • You may also arrange for regular remote check ups and computer service maintenance.  For a small fee your geeks will be able to conduct monthly check ups for your PC to make sure it is running at its best.This gives your computer the best protection possible from viruses, but you have to make sure your trust your IT company before you let them into your computer remotely.
  • And most important of all, just listen to your common sense. If it looks and sounds dodgy it is not worth risking your money to find out if it is dodgy.

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